Why is bike fit important especially for Triathletes?

Whenever you wish to go for biking it is very important for you to have the best fit bike so that you can enjoy the ride to the core without any worry. Usually, the regular bikes which are available in the market are designed in such a way that they would fit the size of the average people. It is important for anyone to have a bike fit so as to have a comfortable ride, improve efficiency and can even prevent any kind of injuries. It’s very essential for everyone opt for a bike fit specialist before you hit the roads with your favorite bikes.

Prevent injuries:

If you have a poor seat you might start experiencing knee pains after you have travelled for a few miles. If the handle bars are too low then it might result in soreness of the neck. When your seat is quite far from the handle bars it might lead to lower back issues. But these can be prevented when you have a perfect bike fit and will even help you to prevent injuries too. With proper and correct positioning, you can have a better bike riding experience that you would definitely love.

Col de Val Louron-Azet, France- July 07,2013: The peloton, including Thomas Voeckler-Europcar, passing the Col de Val Lauron-Azet during the stage 9 of the 100 edition of Le Tour de France in 2013.

Enhanced performance:

With proper bike fit you can enhance your performance as well. When you have a poor bike fit, it might affect by limiting your lung capacity. When you bend front from your middle spine your lungs get pressed providing very less space for breathing. And it would be really hard to sit in this position for a longer distance especially when you wish to travel for several kilometres away from your place.

Basics of bike fittings:

There several aspects which need to be considered for a good bike fit. The fitters actually look for the athletes’ experience, injury history and their goals. Usually the bike fitters would look for several biochemical factors like:

  • Hamstring flexibility and range
  • Shoulder width
  • Foot evaluation
  • Core strength
  • Hip flexion
  • Internal and external rotation of hip and knees
  • Sit bone width

Once all these are considered the fitters would know exactly where they need to do the adjustments. Though few might still use tapes to measure most of them have higher technology solutions to measure. The specialized geometry fit would give them 3D assessments and measurements which have made the fitters very easy to access and design the bike according to the comfort of the athletes.


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