Easy means by which you can get your car out of the snow

It would be irritating to know that your car had got stuck in the snow. This may spoil your daily routine, especially when you need to go to your office or have some urgent work. In such cases, you would really worry as to how you can get your car out of the snow. In such cases, always look for ways to get your car out rather than cursing on your bad luck. The issue can be resolved by following these steps:

  • Shovel snow out of your way: Using a shovel, remove the snow from your car until you are able to see the tires. Once it is done, you can clean the surrounding snow around your tires easily with various other tools. It’s important to clear the path as well.
  • Make tires rougher: Make sure to rub the tires with salt and sand so as to make them rougher than ever which will easily help you to take your car out.
  • Add more tuft to gain traction: You can use any metal sheet or plywood for this.
  • Check tailpipe: make sure the tailpipe is not closed with snow. If there is any snow which is struck in the pipe make sure to clear it off as it might lead to accumulation of exhaust in your car which might be dangerous.
  • Take the wheel: Once you have made sure everything is fine externally then you can start the car and try to move.
  • Keep your car on lower gear: It is better to put your car on low gear as it will let you move your car slowly yet can give more power to your tires. This will prevent your tires to get buried in the snow again.
  • Straight wheels: When you are driving make sure that your front wheels are straight along the path so that you might not end up colliding with the sign or even a fire hydrant.
  • Baby steps: Ensure to move your car slowly towards the backside. If this is done then you are on a positive side. Then you can move the car little forward and check whether it’s moving a bit. This process has to be followed several times until you can see that your car is moving smoothly. If nothing happens then you should stop trying out anymore further in this process as you might be damaging your car if you do so. You just need to do it for 5 minutes as it might lead to overheating.


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