Different myths busted on raising gas mileage of the car

There are plenty of ways of increasing the mileage of your car but not all of them are true. They say that by following certain ways you can increase mileage like slow down, avoiding quick acceleration, maintaining the tires at proper inflation and much more. There are many ways by which you can increase the mileage of your car. Some of these methods are mentioned below:

  • Fill up in the morning: This theory could be true to an extent as the gas expands during warm weather and if you get your car filled during low temperature you can get denser fuel which has more energy per gallon. As nowadays all the gas station storage tanks are resistant to outside temperature it doesn’t actually affect the mileage of the car.
  • Change the air filter: According to this theory, a clean air filter can give much mileage than that of a dirty and blocked one. Though the test has been performed to analyze how far it is effective, they couldn’t actually find any mileage difference between the car which has clean air filter and the one with a dirty air filter.
  • Turn off your cars A/C: This could be considered if you have those old cars of the 80’s. If it’s a small car, the A/C would definitely place an extra load over the engine. Those days you might either have to switch off the A/C to change the gear or to shift to gas. But this is not true to a great extent in the case of cars which are manufactured today. If you open the windows for air, the A/C it might create a drag which would actually reduce your mileage. By switching off the A/C it might provide 5% savings on mileage.
  • Buy additives, devices: Various additives are there which have always claimed to boost the mileage. There were several additives for both the fuel and oil, magnetic devices. These have added electrostatic charge and others which have been tried by them. They even took the consumer reports where several people have used different things to boost their mileage where they have spent $50 – $250. But nothing had actually worked for them. Instead of increasing the mileage the public was inhaling different fumes from different additives which were not safe at all.

Do not fall prey to myths. If you want to increase the gas mileage of your car, take the advice of experts.


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